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Feasibility of Karataş Transport Seaway Tourism Center Project has been prepared

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Feasibility of Karataş Transport Seaway Tourism Center Project has been prepared

Feasibility Study for the “Karataş Transport Seaway Tourism Center Investment and Operation Project” supported by the 2022 Feasibility Support program carried out by the Çukurova Development Agency under the coordination of the Ministry of Industry and Technology Development Agencies General Directorate and carried out with the partnership of Adana Tourism Development and Infrastructure Service Association (ATGAB) and Karataş Municipality.

ATGAB Union President Necip Topuz, in a statement to the press; As a result of the research and analysis, the following predictions were reached in summary;
● Due to the appropriate infrastructure of the existing Karataş Fisherman’s Barn, the rate of conversion of feasibility into investment is high. It is aimed to realize the project in 1.5 years.
● The efficiency rate of the investment is high. The Benefit Cost Ratio of the project was calculated as 1.39.
● There are opportunities to gain competitive advantage in the market such as geographical location, socio-economic structure of our region. Potential customers’ interest in the project is above the minimum demand rates.

In the light of these results, I think that our project will be implemented quickly with the support of our state and our people, by gaining the attention of the investors in the sector and our Karataş district will become a tourism destination with its brand value increasing day by day by becoming a transportation network center.

I would like to express my gratitude to the institutions and people who contributed to the preparation of the feasibility. Finally, I wish the works to be beneficial for our region and call on all investors in the sector to evaluate the project. ” said.

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