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Message of the president

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Dear Adana Lovers,

With the appreciation of our Union members, the vision of making our city a brand city in tourism, by including alternative tourism types, has been our greatest motivation since the day we took office as ATGAB Union President.

Our union is in line with this vision; It has adopted the mission of promoting the natural and cultural riches of the region, transforming these riches into added value with tourism activities and supporting the development of the region. For the sustainable development of tourism potential, we have made it our duty to spread nature-friendly tourism activities and to integrate youth-friendly alternative tourism types with our city.

Tourism is a strategic area that closely concerns everyone in terms of bringing a more livable world to future generations by bringing our cities to the level of prosperity they deserve. I invite every organization and everyone who are volunteers of Nature, Youth, Culture and Tourism to work together, develop projects in cooperation and produce added value.

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