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The City of Festivals Adana Becomes a Brand in Tourism with Supports

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The City of Festivals Adana Becomes a Brand in Tourism with Supports

Karataş Mayor and Adana Tourism Development and Infrastructure Service Association (ATGAB) President Necip Topuz, who made statements about the festivals success of the city of Adana;

“I would like to express once again the invaluable contribution of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the Republic of Turkey in making A dana,the city of festivals, a center of attraction in tourism. The contributions of our Ministry play a key role in bringing the festival activity in the city center to rural districts.

For example, the Ministry supported the 2nd National Blue Crab Film Festival, which was held in our Karataş district on August 12-13 and received approximately 2000 film applications from 104 countries of the world from different cultures.

In addition, Kızıldağ Highland Festival, which was held in Karaisalı district on August 26-27 as part of the Adana Culture and Art Festival from the Sea to the Highland , aiming to transfer the Highland activities, which are an integral part of our ancient nomadic culture, to new generations with a fresh spirit, was also supported by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism.

I see the branding of our Adana with festivals and festivities as a strategic move. I would like to thank every institution and everyone who contributed to the events both in the countryside and in the city center.”

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